There seems to be a consistent theme in my messages over the past month – changing your story. I guess this thought process started for me in 2017 at our All Company Meeting at the Gene Autry Museum. So, if you aren’t sick of it, I have another story. 

Dori and I talked a few nights ago about the Tony Robbins five-day seminar she was doing. She shared that there was a lot of talk about changing our own stories, but also about changing our stories about other people’s stories. 

Good grief, enough of the stories already! 

The point is, we all make-up stories about other people all the time. We say things like: she’s so rude, he’s stuck up, they are {enter nasty adjectives here}. 

But, what if we just took a minute to change our story about their story? 

If someone is being an ass, have you ever considered if he’s sick, if he’s in an abusive relationship or if he has a sick parent? Instead of making the story up in your head, ask him how he’s doing or if he needs anything. Send him a note saying, “I hope you have a great day!” 

If he’s still an ass, okay. Maybe he’s just an ass, but at least you did your part to understand him a little better. 

And on the “if someone is an ass” note, remember that nobody can make you feel inferior or bad unless you allow them to. Move on. Don’t let the ass ruin your day.

Life is good. – Jeff 

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