I get some grief when talking about my favorite quote. I may also get some grief from those saying that I have shared this quote many times before.   

“Try not. Do or do not.” – Yoda   

I have a Yoda head cover on my golf clubs. Some people think that I am a Star Wars nut. I’m not; I’m just a Yoda quote nut.   

The reason I love this quote so much is because of its simplicity. You change yourself by doing, not trying (or thinking or wishing). Doing.   

If there is a part of your life that you aren’t happy with or you are just okay with and want to improve, just do something about it. Even if it’s a small action, it will change your situation. And the more you do (versus try), the more positive change you will continue to see. Changing your story starts here: do.   

So, this week when you find yourself thinking about doing something, take that energy and do it.   

Life is good. – Jeff   

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