Happy New Year! I know many people are thinking about their resolutions this time of year. So naturally, I was curious about this topic too, and I did some research. Of course, my findings were all over the place, but this is the consensus of what I found:

How long do people hold true to their new year’s resolutions? 

  • After one week = 75% of people were still on track
  • After one month = 64% of people were still on track
  • After six months = 46% of people were still on track

Quite a drop-off between one and six months, huh? So here are a few ways I believe you can cross that six-month mark and take it well into the close of the new year: 

  1. Be realistic with your goals: Don’t make a massive list of resolutions, as it can set you up to fail. If you see you aren’t meeting your daily goals, you might become frustrated and ditch them altogether. 
  2. Make your goals measurable: Instead of setting a goal that says, “I will eat healthier,” set a goal that states, “I will eat one serving of fruits and vegetables with every meal. I will not snack after dinner. I will drink at least 32 ounces of water a day.” Making your goals measurable ensures that you have a clear roadmap to execute them. 
  3. Share your goals with a friend or family member: Having an accountability partner is huge! Schedule end-of-week check-ins, share your successes and challenges, and celebrate wins. Like many things, achieving a goal isn’t a solo effort. 

I hope 2023 brings you happiness, good health, and a mindset for achieving your new year’s resolutions. 

Life is good.


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