Failure. I have written about this topic before, but it’s important and deserving of another message. 

What happens if you never try to reach a new dream or goal because you fear failure? Pretty simple… you’ll never know if you could have achieved that dream or goal. 

All too often, we think of failing as a negative. But, in reality, it’s a part of life and is not the opposite of success. It may actually even be the cause of success. 

The key is working to learn something from every failure. Here’s my process: fail fast, recover, forgive myself, adjust course, and do it again. 

As you go into the week, think about failure. Try something you’ve been avoiding because you’re afraid to fail. In the best-case scenario, you achieve it! Worst case (which is actually still a best-case scenario), you fail, learn something, try again, and achieve it! 

Life is good. Jeff 

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