Today, I am wrapping up some thought-sharing around The Four Agreements, and we’re on the final agreement – always do your best. 

The idea of doing your best is not a static thing. Since we are constantly growing and evolving (or hopefully, we are) and have fluctuations in our moods, our best changes throughout the days, months and years. 

There are some things we cannot control, for instance, if we are sick. So, our best may not be the same as when we are well. But there are things we can control to be our best. 

If you are watching TV for four hours a day, every day, chances are you aren’t working on being your best. If you are reading, getting time outside, exercising, meditating, well, that’s a different story. So, control what you can. 

The idea around this agreement is that in everything you do…from work to communication to brushing your teeth…do your best. No more, no less. If you’re having an off day and don’t feel your best, don’t judge yourself. Accept where you are and move forward. Life feels better when we aren’t creating guilt, blame, or punishment for ourselves. 

In the weeks ahead, consider each of the four agreements. Then, see how you can gradually integrate pieces of them into your life (and hold onto them). It seems insane to think that these four concepts could have a massive positive impact on our lives and those we touch, but they most definitely can! 

I gave the book The Four Agreements to everyone on Derby Day, but if you need a copy, call me. If you have it, read it and then read it again! 

I am here if you want to talk.

Life is good.


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